7 things that happened this week that show our long-term economic plan is helping hardworking people

1) The Office for National Statistics revealed there are now 1.3 million more people in work than under Labour - that’s 1.3 million more people taking home a pay packet and being able to provide for their families.


2) The number of children in failing schools decreased by 250,000 - meaning more children getting a great start in life. But overturning Labour’s record of failure of education will take many years to correct - and we will carry on working to deliver the best schools and skills for our young people.

3) The deficit is £11.1bn lower than it was this time last year. We still have a long way to go to pay off Labour’s debts, but our difficult decisions to tackle the deficit are safeguarding the economy for the long term and keeping mortgage rates low. 

4) With tax return deadline day approaching, millions of people filled in their tax returns – and saw how much money they’ve saved because we’ve cut income tax. Find out how much you’re saving here: incometaxcut.conservatives.com


5) Manufacturing orders soared, meaning more work for British companies, and more jobs being created.

6) Our streets and communities are safer, with crime down by over 10% across England and Wales.


7) The IMF upgraded their forecast for UK growth from 1.9% to 2.4%. There is still much more to do, but our long-term economic plan is building a stronger, more competitive economy and securing a better future for Britain.


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