You should pay more tax, says Harman

Harriet Harman, Labour’s Deputy Leader, has finally let the cat out of the bag: Labour want to raise your taxes.

In a radio interview, she said:

‘Yes I think people on middle incomes should contribute more through their taxes’

(Source: LBC phone-in, 14th July 2014)

Ed Miliband has defined those on middle incomes as “people either side” of £26,000 a year (Source: Ed Miliband, BBC Breakfast, 28 February 2011). So Harriet Harman’s confession means that millions of hardworking taxpayers would pay the price for a Labour Party that hasn’t learnt its lesson.

Labour want you to foot the bill for their plans to spend more and borrow more - and they’ve floated a number of tax rises if they win the next election:  

-          A new tax on the family home (Source: Ed Miliband’s Speech in Bedford, 14 February 2013)

-          A rise in National Insurance (Source: Observer, 20 April 2014)

-          Higher fuel duty (Source: Ed Miliband, Labour Press Conference Q&A, 11 January 2011)

-          A new tax on farms (Source: Mail on Sunday, 8 June 2014)

-          A graduate tax (Source: Emily Thornberry MP on Daily Politics, BBC Two, 2 April 2014)

-          A rise in corporation tax (Source: Financial Times, 24 September 2013).

-          A new tax on pensions (Source: Liberal Conspiracy, 20 September 2013; HM Treasury, Budget 2013, March 2013, Table 2.1).

When they were in government, Labour raised taxes by £1,400 per family (Source: IFS, Tax and Benefit reform under Labour, p.24, 7 April 2010).

By contrast, the Conservatives have frozen fuel duty and cut income tax for 25 million hardworking taxpayers, making families more financially secure.

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UPDATE: Conservative Party Chairman Grant Shapps has written to Harriet Harman. Click here to read the letter in full (PDF).

A recovery for every region: a recovery for all

All over the country the economy is growing.

New figures from Lloyds show that there was growth in every region of the economy in June, with companies in the North East growing faster than in any other part of the country.

The figures also show that jobs are now being created at the fastest rate since records began, with companies in the East, South East, Yorkshire and Humber, and the West Midlands hiring more people than at any time since 2001.

Every new job gives another hardworking taxpayer the security of a pay packet to provide for themselves and their families.

Our long-term economic plan isn’t just building a stronger economy, it’s doing so in a balanced way – benefitting all parts of the country.

The plan is working – but it isn’t finished. We need to keep it going to ensure the recovery continues and to secure a better future for every part of Britain.

The recovery is in stark contrast with Labour’s record. For every ten private sector jobs created in London and the South between 1998 and 2008, just one was created in the Midlands and the North. (Centre for Cities, Private sector cities: A new geography of opportunity, 2010)

While Labour left large parts of the country behind, we’re building a recovery for all.

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Oops!… they did it again - Labour just keep getting their sums wrong

Labour have done it again.

Just six days after their last dodgy stat, they’ve come out with another.

On Monday Labour’s Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna claimed that the number of young people on unemployment benefit has gone up by 60 per cent since May 2010.


It’s actually fallen by 38 per cent. In May 2010 there were 429,300 young people on JSA compared with 265,600 today – a fall of over 163,000 (ONS, Labour Market Statistics, 11 June 2014, CLA02).

Umunna also said that young people on unemployment benefit in the North East has gone up by 263 per cent.

Wrong again.

It’s actually gone down by over 6,000 – a fall of 27 per cent (ONS, NOMIS Labour Market Statistics,

By delivering skills and creating opportunities and jobs, our long-term economic plan is helping young people get on in life and securing a better future for Britain.

Whereas we have a long-term economic plan, Labour have no plan at all – and no amount of dodgy stats can hide it.

Last week it was jobs, this week it’s benefits for young people – if Labour keep getting their numbers wrong, how can they be trusted on the economy?

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5 reasons Labour can never be trusted with the economy again

You can’t trust Labour with the economy - just look at what they did when they were last in power:

  1. They were responsible for Britain’s longest and deepest recession since the War – making hardworking taxpayers poorer and less financially secure. (Source: Office for National Statistics, Quarterly National Accounts)
  2. Unemployment increased by nearly half a million under Labour – with hundreds of thousands of families left without the security of a pay packet. (ONS, Labour Market Statistics, Table A02)
  3. The number of people claiming unemployment benefit rose by 82 per cent between 2005 and 2010 – under Labour, our economy did not deliver for those who wanted to work hard and play by the rules. (ONS, Labour Market Statistics, Table CLA01)
  4. They left 292,000 more young people unemployed than when they came into office – a rise of 45%. (ONS, Labour Market Statistics)
  5. They left Britain with the biggest budget deficit in our peacetime history - with hardworking taxpayers forced to pick up the tab for Labour’s reckless spending. (ONS, Public Sector Finances)

The facts are clear: Labour wrecked the economy and failed hardworking taxpayers.

And they haven’t learnt their lesson. While the Conservatives have a long-term economic plan that is building a stronger, more competitive economy, Labour’s only answer is more spending, more borrowing and more taxes – exactly what got Britain into a mess in the first place.

That’s why we need to carry on working through our plan to secure a better future for Britain.

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Oops! Labour wrong on jobs…again

It’s no secret that Labour struggle with their figures – but this takes the biscuit.

In a keynote speech today, Ed Miliband will claim that ‘four-fifths of all the new private sector jobs created since 2010 are in London’.

Trouble is, that statistic is over two years out of date (it’s from a Centre for Cities Report, looking at the regional labour market 2010-12) – and the most recent figures from the Office for National Statistics actually show the opposite:

Three-quarters of new private sector jobs have come from outside London since 2010. (ONS, Public Sector Employment, Table 7 - Regional private sector employment, 11/06/14)

Labour’s blunder shows two things:

  1. The Conservatives’ long-term economic plan is helping create jobs across the country, ensuring more people than ever before have the security of a pay packet
  2. Labour have no plan for jobs – and no amount of twisting the facts can hide it

And if you can’t trust Labour with the facts, how can you trust them with the economy?

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UPDATE: When asked about the two-year-old statistic, Ed Miliband said ‘I absolutely stand by it – it’s the best statistics I’ve seen’. So good, in fact, that he decided to leave it out of his speech – despite briefing it to all media in advance.

Ed Miliband and Labour - they’re just not up to it…

1.8 million chances to get on in life

Our young people deserve the best start in life – and that’s what we’re delivering.

Since 2010, our long-term economic plan has helped create 1.8 million apprenticeships, with more applications from young women than ever before.

By helping young people develop their talents and skills, we’re ensuring the next generation succeeds in the global race.


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By delivering more apprenticeships than ever before, we’re not only helping record numbers of young people get on in life – we’re also securing a better future for Britain.

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Backing small businesses, securing Britain’s future

Backing small businesses – so they can create more jobs and help secure the recovery – is a key part of our long-term economic plan.

And the action we’ve taken to support them is working, as the facts show:


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Today we’re going even further with our Small Business Bill, which helps to ensure Britain is the best place to start and grow a business.

It will cut red tape for businesses, increase fines for those who pay less than the minimum wage, and help small businesses access the £230 billion market for public contracts.

We’ve come a long way from Labour, who hit businesses with higher taxes and needless regulations.

By sticking to our long-term economic plan, we’re helping business owners take responsibility for themselves, create jobs for others, and secure a better future for Britain.

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Securing a better future for our children and young people

Under Labour, standards in schools dropped, our children fell behind young people in other countries and employers lost confidence in our exams.

But while Labour let our children down, we’re giving them a better start in life.

Our long-term economic plan is delivering for the next generation by:

1. Raising standards and restoring discipline in schools

250,000 fewer children are being taught in under-performing schools. We are making our schools the best in the world so our children can succeed in the global race.

2. Helping create 1.7 million apprenticeships since 2010

So young people can learn the skills they need to kick-start their working lives and have the chance of a better future.

3. Abolishing the jobs tax for under-21s

So it’s easier for businesses to give young people the jobs they deserve.

4. Creating 175,000 extra schools places by backing free schools

There are now 331 free schools, providing more good school places for children across the country.

Free schools are also moving power from bureaucrats to teachers – the people who know your child’s name. That’s giving even more children a world-class education, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to fulfil their potential.

By delivering the best schools and skills, the Conservatives are securing a better future for the next generation - and succeeding where Labour failed.

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2 million reasons Labour were wrong

Labour said our plan to create more jobs wouldn’t work. But today’s employment figures show they were completely and utterly wrong.

There are now two million more private sector jobs than there were in 2010.

And every new job means another person with the security of a pay packet to support themselves and their families.

That’s why our long-term economic plan is so important – because it’s helping secure a better future for hardworking people.

Remember, Ed Miliband said our plan would lead to ‘the disappearance of a million jobs’ (speech to CBI conference, 25 October 2010).

With predictions like that, why would anyone trust Labour with the economy again?

When they were last in power, they left nearly half-a-million more people out of work.

That’s the difference between Labour and the Conservatives: while they cost Britain jobs, we create them – and build a better future for Britain.

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2 million more private sector jobs

Saving taxpayers money

We’re saving taxpayers money every day.

In 2013-14, we’ve made £14.3 billion worth of savings compared with Labour’s last year in government.

That’s equivalent to nearly £850 for every working household in Britain – or enough to pay for over half-a-million nurses or three million primary school places. From selling empty government buildings to getting more value out of public contracts, we’re making savings so that the taxes of hardworking people are spent on what matters most.

It’s a long way from Labour. They lost control of public spending and left Britain with our biggest budget deficit in peacetime history.

Tackling waste and inefficiency is a key part of the Conservatives’ long-term economic plan. It’s helping us reduce Labour’s deficit and set our country on the path to a better future. £14.3 billion of savings isn’t just a number on a government graph – but real money that’s ensuring we deal with our debts, safeguard the economy for the long term and keep mortgage rates low.

But there’s still more to do. That’s why we need to keep working through our long-term economic plan – to get the cost of government down and carry on turning our country around.

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